Time Saving Ideas for the New Year

The new year is here! It’s time to talk about saving time so that this year can be the most rewarding yet. Who doesn’t need to save time? Time is money, right?

Today there are so many different Apps, gadgets, books, blogs and other resources that can help you get organized and save time, but where to begin? I’m going to share three ways that have helped me the most.

Idea #1: Move to a cloud based calendar.

I was always the pencil and paper type, who loved to write down my list of to-do’s on my daily calendar. One day, I made the leap to using a Google Calendar and I’ve never looked back!

I can’t begin to tell you how much time and stress this little change has given me. The greatest thing about having a Google Calendar is having the app on your phone so that you can always be in sync with your computer. If I add a task to my phone calendar, it’s automatically updated to my computer. You do need to have a Google account to set up the calendar. For other calendar App choices, take a look at this article from Digital Trends.

The little reminders that the Google Calendar sends are also life changing. No longer do I need to constantly look at the clock to see how long I have left to work on a new design before my next meeting starts.

Idea #2: Spend time to organize your computer files.

I know this one sounds overwhelming and boring but it will pay off big time. This great article from Computer Organizing is chalked full of good ideas to get you started. I spent two days organizing my files at the end of last year and it has made my work days so much more efficient and productive.

Idea #3:  Track your time.

Tracking your time allows you to find out where your time is going. If most of your time is being dedicated to your C level tasks, it might be time to reevaluate your work schedule. There are many different free and paid time tracking software programs available. I use Freshbooks which not only allows for time tracking, but invoicing and expense reporting. Freshbooks is a paid program. If you’re looking for a free program take a look at toggl.

Little changes like these time saving tips will really make a difference in the quality and productivity of your day.


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